I’m Back

Dear Constant Reader,

We’re back from our little trip to sunny Los Angeles (and it was). We had a wonderful time and I’ll tell you all about it after Thanksgiving.

Oh, and Lili VonSchtupp is the best!


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Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

As I send this missive I’m winging my way to sunny California. A much needed change from frigid Boston.

Here’s your tip!

For visibility from stage, obey the heraldic rules of tincture.

What the heck does that mean? Back in the Middle Ages, when folks identified themselves with coats of arms, one wanted to make sure the images were clear & visible from a distance. You wouldn’t want to be attacked by your own army!

The rule of tinture is metal should not be put on metal, nor colour on colour. Metals are gold/yellow and silver/white. Colors are blue, red, green, purple, black.

If you have a design, image, or text you want to be really clear from stage, make sure it a color on a metal or vice versa. Black on yellow is really visible (think traffic signs); green on black, not so much.


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A Little More from the New York Burlesque Festival

Dear Constant Reader,

I was delighted yesterday to see that Burlesque Beat had posted some more photographs from the Thursday Night Teaser Party, taken by Olena “Photolena” Sullivan. I was particularly delighted that I was the cover girl.

All the photos are terrific and she summed up each act in about 30 words. You really should go look at them all. However, I know, Constant Reader, that you read these letters just to hear all about ME, so here you go:

V is for Vixen
A beautiful woman stands in her luxurious dressing gown, teasing with peeks of skin here and there. With a change behind a dressing wall, Miss Mina Murray emerges for a stunning feather fan dance to charm even the coldest heart.

In my original missive about Thursday night at NYBF, I mentioned the Scan-A-Rama, but I failed to note that Scratch availed himself of their services. And a few weeks later a package arrived and…

Li’l Scratch!

*Amusing note: the original version of this act first appeared at the Boston Babydolls’ show V for Vixen, so Olena’s choice of a title is ridiculously appropriate.

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West Coast Bound

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s a miserable, cold rainy day here in Boston, but I’m packing for a trip to sunny CA — Los Angeles to be specific. And you have 3 chances to see me in the flesh!

Friday night Scratch & I will be appearing in Peepshow Menagerie’s Spacetease: Dimensions of Time & Tease.

Sunday you can catch us performing at Camille Solari & Adam Barnhardt’s Whores On Sunday at The Comedy Store.

Monday you can see us in the audience at Monday Night Tease*.

*Somehow, of all the Mondays we could be visiting we pick the one with a theme that’s absolutely incompatible with my repertoire…

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Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Today’s tip is a bit of wisdom I picked up from Bic Carrol at BurlyCon.

To make sure your makeup reads from stage, spray your mirror with Aqua Net. Then check your face.


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Thank You

Dear Constant Reader,

Today we honor those who served our country. I was thinking about those I knew that had done so — friends, family members, acquaintances, &c — and the list kept getting longer, so I won’t try to name everyone here for fear of forgetting someone.

To all those who have worn the uniform, thank you.

And to those loved ones who remained at home to support, care, and fear, your contribution was no less. Thank you.


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Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! Today’s tip is a little something I picked up from The Queen of the Quake, Kitten DeVille!

To instantly make your arms look toned, turn your palms to the back wall.

And here’s Miss Exotic World 2002 herself, demonstrating:
(Photo by Don Spiro)


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New Year’s Eve Spectacular

Dear Constant Reader,

So, the Boston Babydolls are having this little show on New Year’s Eve…

I lied. It’s not a *little* show at all. Inside snowstorm! The woman in the moon! Aerials! Rose petals! The return of The Oyster Girl! And so much more!

We’ve got 6 burlesque performers, 5 backup dancers, 2 singers, an aerialist, and, of course, Scratch. It’s going to be simply amazing. And we’re doing 2 shows (early and late), plus a VIP after-party, to suit everyone’s NYE schedule.

Get your tickets now for a good seat!


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Busy Babydoll

Dear Constant Reader,

Last week was a whirlwind of activity!

Tuesday: After teaching the last session of “Hot Hips” at B.A.B.E., I ran to Gorelesque Idol and saw Devora and Scratch miss first place by *that* much (really — it was like 3 or 4 votes) with an act that was more Hitchcock than Saw. One of the judges said she would have liked to have seen some blood and got roundly booed by the audience. As Scratch says, we do what we do. And I’m delighted that so many members of the audience, who were clearly there for the gore, liked our creepy little Lost Girl and her puppeteer.

Wednesday: Rehearsal as usual and the last round of auditions for backup dancers for our New Year’s Eve Spectacular. We’re thrilled to be working with some B.A.B.E. alumnae and some brand-new dancers.

Thursday: Scratch & I headed down to NYC to perform at a HUGE party. I’m going to be coy about the client & location. I will write about it further, but for now I’ll just say it was beyond over-the-top and kind of a clusterfuck. However, it was fabulous to share a dressing room with Angie Pontani, Nina La Voix, Deanna Deadly, Vita Lightly, Nonye Brown-West, Bettina May, Di Lovely, and Legs Malone.

Friday: Scratch kindly drove me to Brooklyn and lugged this down a narrow flight of stairs.
It’s a wardrobe trunk with hangers on the left and drawers on the right (the bottom drawer is MIA). It’s heavy as heck, even empty. However, could you imagine loading it up with all your costumes and then having it placed in your dressing room? You could just open it up and be ready to go! And that’s how it was in the old days. And this particular trunk belonged to….

You can see it in person at The Great Burlesque Expo!

When we finally arrived back at Stately Babydoll Manor much later than anticipated, there was this adorable pumpkin pincushion awaiting me from my mother, who understands how important Halloween is to this household.

Saturday: First, Betty and I went to the annual Boston Mensa gathering to teach a burlesque class. The room was packed with enthusiastic participants! It was so much fun. We had promised a G-rated, co-ed class and I was delighted to see a number of guys. None of them were shy about grabbing a boa and bumping & grinding. The conference had a lot of fascinating sessions on a wide variety of topics, but I heard that we were the talk of the weekend. I do wonder if I’m smart enough to join…

In the evening, we played an awesome Halloween party at a fabulous apartment in the North End. (Amazing chalk drawing by our hostess). There was live music from our old friends The Waveriders and we danced a couple numbers in each set. Let’s see if I can remember…

  • Betty danced to “Pipeline” in an adorable bellhop costume
  • Evie, as a cat, danced to “Drums-A-Go-Go”
  • I dressed as a private eye and stripped to the “Peter Gunn Theme”
  • Brigitte tapped her heart out to “Sing, Sing, Sing” in a devil costume
  • I did a fan dance to “Sleepwalk”
  • Betty closed out the show by stripping out of a fantasy harem costume to “Miserlou”
  • I was so glad for that extra hour of sleep on Sunday!


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    Friday Tip!

    Dear Constant Reader,

    Happy Halloween!

    A couple of seasonal tips for you.

    Classic edible stage blood is light corn syrup and food coloring.
    Use both red & blue coloring to get a realistic color; red alone is too pink. Personally I think it tastes disgusting and is godawful sticky. I prefer to use chocolate syrup tinted with red food coloring. I’m told you can also use red Kool-Aid powder for coloring, but I haven’t tried it yet. There are also all sorts of fun things you can use to thicken your blood, like peanut butter and cocoa powder. Make sure you like how it tastes!

    For washable stage blood, mix liquid dish soap and poster paint.
    If you’re going to get blood on your costume, this is the stuff to use. One caveat, it will lather if rubbed, so be careful on stage, unless you want a laugh. When you’re done performing, rinse your bloody garments in cold water as soon as possible and then launder.

    And always, if you’re using blood on stage, please be respectful of your fellow performers. Make arrangements to protect the stage during your act and clean up well afterwards.

    Enjoy the holiday!


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