Unlucky in Love: Introduction

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Unlucky in Love is the story of The Writer (Scratch) who is trying to write a guide to romance. Unfortunately what he doesn’t know about women could fill a book. Everytime he comes up with a good idea, a dancer or singer illustrates it and frequently proves him wrong!

This show was challenging for us in several ways. First and foremost, we were working with live music. Having a band and singers was an amazing experience, but logistically interesting.

The theatre is a little quirky. The stage is small and, even with extensions that Scratch built, was mostly taken up by musicians, singers, and The Writer, so the dancers were predomintly on the floor, performing in three-quarter round. Trying to make sure everyone in the audience got a good view was not easy.

Another thing about the theatre is that there is almost no backstage. We kept the set pieces to a minimum, but we still needed a chaise, a desk, a table and chair moving on and off. The backstage ballet of shifting them around while hitting cues and not blocking the entrances was nothing short of amazing. Our stage crew, especially our Stage Manager, really went above and beyond to keep everything running smoothly.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll start writing about the acts in specific.

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