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Betty Blaize with Wings of Isis

On Saturday Betty and I went to a master bellydance seminar on Wings of Isis with Ayshe. Betty has danced with wings before, most notably in the 2010 edition of The Wrathskellar, but it was all new to me. Well, it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with manipulating large, floaty objects…

In the first workshop we spent a lot of time on an anatomy lesson, discussion of the proper position of the spine and use of the muscles in the back & shoulders. Positioning the arms is very important in using the wings. We also spent a lot of time on expansion and contraction of the body. I know everyone was itching to get the wings on, but this groundwork was necessary.

In the second workshop we learned a short choreography. Betty might have actually learned it — I was just doing the best I could at the moment. I’d been a little nervous about how long it had been since I practiced bellydance, but Ayshe is more a fusion dancer than a traditionalist and most of her movements were strongly ballet and modern dance influenced.

After the workshops, there was a student showcase where Betty and I both performed — but not bellydance, either traditional or fusion. She presented a tilyana (I’ve probably spelled that wrong), a classical Indian dance piece her teacher originally learned in 20 minutes. Betty’s been working on it for 6 months, but don’t think the less of her — her teacher is Superdancer. It’s all about very precise footwork and hand gestures, with a touch of the expressive storytelling that enlivens all of Betty’s dancing.

Betty encouraged me to show a fan dance, but I was in a quandary about the costume. I don’t usually wear one (well, pasties & a g-string) and this was *not* a burlesque audience. I ended up in my “Blue Angel” middle layer — bra & panties with silk panels for a skirt. It looked really nice with the white fans.

We had a long discussion on the ride back about teaching and choreography. A day well spent!

And I did get my own set of wings…

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