Review: The Golden G-String

Dear Constant Reader,

For a change, here’s some burlesque fiction.

The Golden G-String by Dusty Summers (2002).

Mercedes, Dallas, and Jesse are all dancers at the Primadonna in Texas. All three of them will be competing in The Golden G-String contest in Las Vegas, hoping for a role in a major motion picture, or at least more fame and fortune. But most of the book is about the choices these women make, in their careers and in their personal lives.

Jesse is only a peripheral character, escaping an abusive relationship early in the story and only making brief appearances until they all arrive in Las Vegas. We primarily follow Mercedes, the heroine, and Dallas, who makes bad decisions. The contest itself, the climax of the story, only takes up a few chapters and the ending feels a little abrupt.

Dusty Summers worked in the industry for years and her insider knowledge shows. The book may be fiction, but the descriptions of clubs, acts, and costumes are clearly grounded in reality. I was particularly taken with a section where Mercedes is booked into a “mixing club”. Her job there is less about dancing and more about drinking with the customers. Veteran dancers Wendy and Suzette teach her how to look like she’s drinking bottle after bottle of champagne without actually swallowing a drop.

Dusty has a nice way with character creation. All of the characters, even the minor ones, have distinct personalities. And she treats her settings similarly well. You’ll have a clear picture of what burlesque was like in a certain era when you read this story.

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