Wham Bam KaBOOM!

Dear Constant Reader,

Friday night we had a delightful treat. Mod Carousel, the boylesque troupe from Seattle, finished their transatlantic tour with a show in Boston, produced by our own Mr. Scratch. It was so wonderful to just sit back and watch someone else’s show for a change.

And what a show it was!

Mod Carousel consists of dancers Paris Original, Trojan Original, The Luminous Pariah, and the hostess and chanteuse, Leeni.

Wham Bam KaBOOM! is the story of our three superheroes (an excellent excuse for them all to wear Spandex) as they battle to defeat the supervillain (an evil radioactive swan, called, creatively enough, Evil Radioactive Swan) who has taken control of Leeni! Can they save humanity from destruction? Of course they can — they’re superheroes!

The show is extremely funny, the guys are amazing dancers, and Leeni does some great celebrity song impersonations. I couldn’t even begin to describe it in this epistle. So, I won’t. I’d say go see the show, but unless you’re going to be in Alaska in a couple of weeks, you’re out of luck.

All the Babydolls came away from the show quite inspired in different ways. Personally, I am in awe of Paris’s ability to work in stretch fabrics (a bane of mine).

Some favorite moments:

* Paris’s ballet. Just breath taking. I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of it. This was a really loud, cheering audience but we fell almost completely silent during this number.

* Luminous and the fish. His body language and facial expressions were so strong. And can he ever dance in heels.

* Trojan the Barbarian. Strength *and* flexibility. And humor. A lot of it. (By the way, if you were at the show, you know what this means — the jar of pickles was from the pantry at Stately Babydoll Manor.)

* Leeni as Bjork. She nailed it. And later as Cher, getting the audience to belt out “Do You Believe”.

* Luminous and Paris had this duet… there was no stripping, but it was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. And there was partner balancing and general defying of physics.

It was Mod Carousel’s first appearance in Boston, but I think not their last.

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