Review: Fox’s Folly

Dear Constant Reader,

Despite being so close to reviewing the last burlesque book in my collection, today’s book is not about burlesque at all.

Fox’s Folly: a Duals and Donovans story by Teresa Noelle Roberts (2012).

Full disclosure, the author is a friend of mine from way back. Teresa writes erotic paranormal romances, which means hot sex with a side of supernatural.

Her Duals and Donovans series is set in a world very much like ours, but with The Different — that is, witches, ghosts, demons, fae, and duals (shape-shifters) — mostly hidden from us “normies”. Fox’s Folly is the story of how Paul Donovan, a witch specializing in sex magic, and Taggart Ross, a fox dual, met while on the trail on a supernatural murderer. The attraction between the two men is instant (not surprising for readers of Foxes’ Den in which they are a long married couple) and the sex is steamy. But the murder mystery never gets forgotten, even when the sparks are flying.

There’s a lot of passion in her stories, both erotic and romantic. The author clearly believes in true love, although not necessarily with only one person (check out Lions’ Pride)… or creature… (see A Satyr for Midwinter, the last book in her Seasons of Sorania Cycle for some of that). You’ll sigh over the romance as much as over the lust (well, maybe not sigh).

The best part of Teresa’s books is that while the sex scenes are sizzling, the characters are well-developed and the plot is engaging. Well, that and that they are all available as ebooks, so you can be discrete about your reading. (wink)

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