Late Night Fun

Dear Constant Reader,

Yesterday was gorgeous here in Boston, sunny, clear, and just warm enough. Scratch decided it was just the right day to put in an arbor to support the grapevines that are taking over the back fence at Stately Babydoll Manor and escaping. Somehow this planning involved lunch at a little deli with enormous sandwiches. As we were enjoying them on the patio, Scratch got a call.

Short version — The Devil’s Carnival was playing at The Coolidge Corner Theatre and they wanted an burlesque act to open things up. Yes, I would. How about a fan dance? Back to Stately Babydoll Manor to prepare (with a pause for the installation of the grape arbor).

I thought the best fit for the creepy carnival theme from my fan dance repertoire would be “Toccata und Fuge in D Minor”. You know it: it’s the Phantom of the Opera organ music. I spent the afternoon rehearsing it.

As the show was at midnight, and I’m not much of a night owl, I took a nap. Upon rising and starting to get ready for the show, Scratch had decided, having seen clips of the film, that the fan dance was not the best fit and I should do “Macker Messer”. (It was my opening act for The Wrathskellar last year). Well, never let it be said that I’m not flexible. I put away my fans and packed up my “Mackie” costume (top hat, tail coat, switchblade, &c.)

I must say the screening was an impressive event. Many people there had seen the film before (and were singing while they waited) or were fans of Repo! The Genetic Opera (from the same creative team) and there were lots of costumes. Once the regular ticket holders were let in (there was a private Q & A for some VIPs first), the theatre filled up fast and things got started.

Their adorable MC introduced Scratch who introduced me. I’m always a little worried about “Mackie” out of context. It’s so deadpan and pretentious, and the song is in German. Scratch gave it the proper warm up: “Are you ready to be ignored by a beautiful woman?” And away we went. The crowd loved it.

Now we could relax and enjoy the festivities, like a short film about the making of Repo!, a costume contest with some pretty elaborate entries, and a Q & A with the creators.

The movie itself is quite good and so are the songs. It would definitely appeal to fans of The Wrathskellar. Although it is obviously a carnival while we are a cabaret, there’s a kinship in the aesthetic. In fact, when handing out leaflets afterward I told people just that: “It has a similar feel, only more boobs.”

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