The July Project

Dear Constant Reader,

In the space between winding down A (Re)Movable Feast and ramping up for The Wrathskellar, the Babydolls and interns are working on what we’ve come to call the July Project.

We each have to create a new routine with specific parameters. It has to be classic burlesque. It’s for a nightclub/bar audience. Minimal props. No set pieces other than a chair. Music is restricted to the songs on Shim Sham Revue.

Everyone drew cards to determine who got to pick their song first. Betty & I went last to be fairer to the newer ladies. I think everyone got at least one of their top 3 picks. I know I got my preference: “The Mooche”.

At rehearsal on Sunday we presented at least a minute with as much costuming as we had. Some people had almost a whole act ready, some more like a loose concept. It was fun seeing what everyone came up with.

I myself was somewhat less than prepared, as the time I had set aside for development was eaten up by rehearsing for The Devil’s Carnival. Still, I know that music extremely well and I managed to pull together something Scratch liked (and he’d let me know if he didn’t!).

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s further progress. I’m also looking forward to trying to find some time to make the last bit of my costume.

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