Review: It’s All That Glitters

Dear Constant Reader,

Today’s review is particularly timely as there is a big party in L.A. tomorrow to celebrate the release of this book.

It’s All That Glitters: Portraits of Burlesque Performers in Their Homes, by Brian C. Janes (2012).

Photographer Brian Janes traveled around the country photographing burlesque performers in their homes, as the subtitle says. The performers were asked to be in costume and in some room of their house. Some are in the bedroom, some the bathroom, some their burlesque room. Some have been carefully styled to create a lovely backdrop for the performer’s personality, others were just as it is. All say “performer in her/his natural habitat”. Occasionally pets or children make an appearance.

Accompanying each full-page portrait is the performer’s own words, explaining what burlesque is to them.

I’m privileged to be one of the performers featured, along with Scratch and Betty. So if you get the book you’ll see my naked rear (I’m posing with my fans, of course) and well as my disaster of a sewing room. Brian really liked the overflowing bins of fabric, the overflowing book cases, the extension cords snaking across the floor (my overhead light needed to be replaced) and generally clutter. I think it’s funny that you can’t see my sewing machine, the usual centerpiece of the room, because it’s hidden behind me.

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