Saluting Bettie Page

Dear Constant Reader,

Saturday was a flurry of activity in Babydoll Land. We were hosting a very generous Kickstarter backer for dinner and performing in the 3rd Annual Salute to Bettie Page. Simultaneously! Babydolls can be in two places at once (since there are 7 of us…)

Scratch already wrote about the fabulous feast. Go read it and come back here to read about the show.

Just as the kitchen at Babydoll Manor was in full swing, Brigitte arrived in her adorable yellow sports car to whisk us away to Providence. I had the pleasure of modeling in the first Salute, but had to miss last year because of our tour schedule. It was Brigitte’s first time. And we were performing burlesque as well.

On our arrival we found BettySioux Tailor, as usual, humming around doing a thousand things. She pulled a couple of outfits for us to try on and made the pick. Brigitte got a red bustier and slinky pencil skirt for her first look and a blue leopard bra and retro-style garterbelt for the second. Quite hot, I must say.

I had a cute pink and orange sundress for my first look and the world’s most uncomfortable clear plastic heels. They looked good, especially with the pink bows on the toes but I was so glad to get them off. For my lingerie look, I really loved a sheer black bra & tap pant set with attached purple rhinestone pasties, but the bottoms weren’t cut right for me. Instead I wore an adorable sailor bikini with an anchor appliqued on the butt. Yachting cap included.

We all wore Bettie Page wigs for the fashion show. Brigitte had never worn one before, but BettySioux took a few moments out of her busy evening to make sure it was on just right. We also had the luxury of having stylists do our makeup. Such a treat!

I do hope someone got pictures — I had left my camera with Scratch.

There were some fine performances. BettySioux led off the night with a classic-style bump & grind with fantastic facial expressions. Corrine Southern performed a tribute to Bettie Page’s iconic Playboy photo, complete with Christmas tree. Acacia Spinstress amazed me with her skillful hooping (3 hoops!).

And then it was our turn. We performed “Mistress & Maid” from The Wrathskellar which was partially inspired from Bettie Page and Tempest Storm in Teaserama. Brigitte wore her Bettie wig, which just added to the fun. It went over very well. Girl/girl spanking always does.

Part of the Glamourous Life is making sure you leave with all the costume that you arrive with. I realized my bra was not in my heap of clothes. I knew what had happened: I drape it over the screen that I change behind during the act and it was probably still there. You can see it in the above picture.

Except the screen was now gone from the stage. After frantic hunting all over the club, we found it neatly folded up on the other side of the stage, with my red satin bullet bra neatly folded up inside it.

After saying goodbye and receiving some lovely goodie bags (that BettySioux is such a doll!), we headed north. Babydoll Manor was quiet and restored to pre-feast order. They’d even saved me a piece of Charlotte Russe.

It was a great night, tons of fun, and the audience appeared to have a blast. We’re already looking forward to next year!

P.S. Please nominate me for The MacGyver Award (for the performer who can fix any costume malfunction anytime, anywhere, and with anything) at the Golden Pastie Awards! Nominations close September 3rd.

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