Sometimes the Show Does Not Go On

Dear Constant Reader,

At the moment Boston is being visited by the much-dreaded storm Sandy. However, last night it was just a little rainy and we were all prepared for our penultimate performance of The Wrathskellar.

Then we got the call from the theatre. There was a flood.

Not storm-related at all, but there was a problem with the sewer pipe. All day long we kept getting one message after another – some dire, some positive. I was convinced The Diva’s dressing room had gotten the worst of it — it’s actually the lighting closet and when we were in the theatre in February there was standing water in it. The thought of all the set dressing in there was making me sick — I used my personal collection of vintage and antique dressing table accoutrements.

Finally, we were allowed in to discover the flood had hit right in front of the stage (where the cabaret tables are) and in one of the dressing rooms, but only some personal stuff that was left on the floor got wet. None of our lovely new costumes or set pieces or props or lighting equipment were damaged.

However, there was water trapped in the ceiling and the city said it was unsafe to be in the theatre. We canceled the performance and the cast & crew commiserated at Stately Babydoll Manor over wine and cheese.

I’m hoping with all my hope that the ceiling is drained and repaired in time so we can have our last performance on Halloween as scheduled.

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