BurlyCon: Classes (Friday)

Dear Constant Reader,

Friday I awoke bright and early for one of the classes on my “can’t miss” list.

The Anatomy of Chair Dance (Lola Frost): I didn’t want to miss a chair dance class and Lola Frost was a great instructor, making this a total win. Even if it did start at 8:30 in the morning. Gotta love her vocabulary; one of the main moves was called “sexy dead bug”. Learned a new cabaret walk variation that I’m using soon. I was pleased to note that all the core work I’ve been doing has paid off — there was still muscle fatigue, but not until close to the end of class.

DIY Fan Making (The Shanghai Pearl): Three of my favorite things: feathers, DIY, and The Pearl. I didn’t actually make fans — my suitcase was full enough as it is and I brought fans — but I took copious notes.

The Slow Burn (Lola Frost): This was a class on moving slowly and with intention. However, I realized part way through that I was completely unfocused and needed some lunch, so I discretely tiptoed out.

Face! Stage Makeup to Get Your Point Across (Evilyn Sin Claire): Now I know the secrets of contouring! Evilyn did a fabulous demo where she only made up half her face, walking us through it step by step and product by product. The results were remarkable. Great handout too.

Guinness Book Fan Dance Choreography (Jezebel Express): This was to prepare for the Largest Fan Dance World Record attempt. Best part, Jezebel singing the choreography (just like Betty does). Forever more when the iconic notes of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony play, I’ll hear her intoning “now fan your crotch”. After running the choreography several times, my wrist were killing me. There’s a lot of fanning action and I was using big fans with bamboo staves, so there’s a lot of drag. I probably should have brought little marabou fans.

I’ll write of the actual record attempt another time.

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