Hair Today

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s true confession time. If reading about the ugly side of beauty is going to ruin things for you, I pray you set this missive aside and wait for the next one.

If I can’t be honest here, where can I be? It’s not like hundreds of people read this — it’s just you and me, O Constant Reader.

Many burlesque performers, myself included, like to present a porcelain-smooth appearance of all bare skin. The glamourous truth is that this can involve all sorts of hair removal: waxing, bleaching, shaving, threading, tweezing, sugaring, chemical depilatories, and possibly some secret methods to which I’m not privy. I’m fortunate that most of my hair is fine and fair and my grooming regimen requires only a little effort.

Here’s the true confessions part: like many women, I have some stray hairs on my areolae. You don’t notice, because they’re covered by my pasties. And for Naked Girls Reading, some quick snipping with my embroidery scissors takes care of the issue. But it bothers me.

When I saw a daily deal offer for laser hair removal, I started contemplating. I know a number of people who have raved about it. It’s easy, effective, and doesn’t even hurt that much, they said. Sounded great! Then I learned that my fair hair, usually a blessing, made me ineligible for the procedure. Instead, I took a deep breath and bought a coupon for electrology.

Sounds scary. And it was, a little. They stick a needle into the hair follicle and kill the root with a little electricity. The needle is actually painless. It’s the zap of electricity that feels like you’ve been jabbed with a straight pin. Over and over again. In a delicate area. I had a half-hour session booked, but I was grateful when the technician told me we were done after 15 minutes.

I was buzzing when I left the office. I have to assume the post-tattooing endorphin rush is similar. Honestly, I’d rather get that feeling from being up on a trapeze than getting many tiny electric shocks.

I have a follow up in a month and then we’ll see how much more zapping I need. What lengths I’ll go to for glamour!

Tenderly yours,

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