Book Review: Tease

Dear Constant Reader,

Tease by Immodesty Blaize (2010).

Immodesty Blaize is a stunning burlesque performer. Her shows are amazing — gorgeous costumes, over-the-top props, sultry striptease. It’s no wonder Betty Blaize was so smitten that she chose her surname in tribute to her idol. Besides being the UK’s most dazzling burlesque showgirl, Immodesty is also an author. She’s written two novels and today I’ll review the first one.

Tease is the story of Tiger Starr, the UK’s most dazzling burlesque showgirl. She has elaborate stage shows, a platoon of leggy chorus girls, costumes worth the GNP of a small country, armies of admirers, a fabulous house. And a secret.

She’s poised on the brink of international superstardom with her own Las Vegas show when the anonymous letters begin to arrive, threatening to reveal her secret. Tiger’s career and very sanity begin to crumble.

Who is out to destroy her? A besotted fan? A bitter burlesque never-was? Her scheming dance captain? A jilted critic? Her overbearing manager? Her jealous younger sister? We’re pretty sure it could never be her flaming costume designer /confidant.

It’s a lushly-written romance in the style of Jackie Collins. The lavish descriptions of Tiger’s performances, costumes, and house are practically erotic. And speaking of things in that vein, there is sex. A fair amount of it. And throughout the story is the mystery: who is threatening Tiger? what is her secret?

Fun. A perfect vacation read.


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