Brightening a Gloomy Day

Dear Constant Reader,

The weather is simply dreadful in Babydoll-land: pouring down rain, windy, and cold. At least it’s not snowing. Your faithful correspondent’s feet got soaked on her morning constitutional and that makes her cranky.

To brighten up your (and my) day, I’d like to share a photo from a gig we had earlier this month. Newbury Comics had a Boardwalk Empire-themed holiday party and we were hired to provide a little set-dressing.

Evie, Devora, Betty, and I lounged on the stage under a backdrop of decadent Cleopatra-style fans, as sort of Jazz Age courtesans (but not showing too much skin, as requested by the client). Cigarette girls Stella & Brigitte wandered the crowd, handing out boxes of candy smokes. And Scratch, well, I’m not quite sure what he was doing. Making sure all was well, as usual, I suppose.

Periodically guests would come on stage and have their picture taken with us, courtesy of the roving photographer and his old-school instant camera. At the end of the evening, we all gathered for this shot:

It was fun and I’m always happy to have an excuse to wear my ostrich-trimmed robe and marabou mules in public.


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