Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

For the last Friday Tip of 2012, I thought it should be something topical.

For every glass of booze, have a glass of water.

By staying hydrated, you’ll help stave off a hangover. Also, you’ll probably consume fewer alcoholic drinks over the course of the evening — good for your waistline and your wallet!

Now I want to share a somewhat contradictory story. Once upon a time I was a student on a tall ship. After several days at sea, we anchored (and that’s a story in its own right) at a small town in Nova Scotia. It being our first night in a port, a number of the crew and trainees went to a pub. (Your humble correspondent was on the 8-12 watch and had to stay on board.) My friend DK was conscientiously drinking one glass of water for every glass of beer. The next day, he was terribly ill. Since he & I were the only students not to suffer from seasickness, there was a theory that he was “landsick” (it happens).

Turns out that the water was heavily chlorinated and if he’d just stuck to beer, he probably would have been a lot less sick. About the incident, he realized he should have taken W.C. Fields advice on water (which I will not share, as I am a lady and my mother reads this blog — you can look it up).

However, this is no excuse to ignore my excellent advice! If you’re some place where the water quality is dubious, order bottled water.

Wishing you a happy & safe New Year’s Eve and no hangover to start your 2013.


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