Dear Constant Reader,

First, I just thought I’d mention that it’s time for nominations for The Boston Phoenix Readers’ Poll. We’d love to be Best Burlesque in Boston again and the first step is for you to nominate us. You can vote once per day per email/IP address. Thank you!

We are about to open our new show The Bod of Avon, so, as you might expect, have been rehearsing that heavily. However, the other night, we took a little time to work on some other upcoming events.

We’re reviving our July Project numbers. First we’ll be performing them at The Mardi Gras Ball (20th anniversary! 2 nights!) and then at a private event. Not only did we need to warm them up, but we had to talk about what changes we’ll make for each event. At the Mardi Gras Ball the stage (not very large to start with) is crammed with musicians, so we have to be fairly compact in our movements. The other event requested “bralesque” (i.e. not going down to pasties), so most of us need to revise our endings a bit to comply.

After running through everything for those shows, we were all a bit draggy and looking longingly at the clock. After all, we’d had a preview show on Sunday, a “Bod” rehearsal on Monday, and now another rehearsal on Tuesday. And Scratch had said we’d go out for drinks after. Then Brigitte said “Come on, bitches! Let’s do it!” (or something like that). And we nodded and all got into our costumes for the finale of The Bod of Avon.

It’s a 6-person number with some precision group moves. Lots of moving parts. It looks good now, but we know we can do better, so we ran it. Several times. Drilled it. Checked on small things, like positions of hands and feet. Made sure we were all closing our parasols in sync. Etcetera, etcetera.

You’ve voted us the Best Burlesque in Boston for several years now, and we work like heck to earn it. Even when we’d rather be having cocktails.


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