Warming Up

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Ages ago I wrote of a game that Betty uses for warm ups sometimes. Just to recap how it works, Betty picks a dance move or combination and we all do it for 8 counts. Then I pick a move and we do it for 8. Then we do Betty’s move and my move and then the next person adds a move. Sometimes people early in the cycle pick something gentle, because we’ll be doing it a lot. Repeated spins or complicated combinations are not so nice to your fellow dancers. And besides, we’ll be speeding up as the music does and sometimes even making the moves more complex.

The other day Betty started, as is her wont, with 4 alternating hip bumps. Then I added shoulder shimmies, moving from side to side (known by some as a “head buffer”). So hip bumps, shoulder shimmies. All good.

Brigitte picked a jazz square with snaps. Hip bumps, shoulder shimmies, jazz squares. No problem.

Then it was Evie’s turn and she picked… squats. I think I’ve written before of Evie’s love of squats (part of why her ass is so amazing) and her love of inflicting them on us. Normally we do 3 sets of 10.

I think we did something like 6 cycles that included those squats (as well as all the other dance moves that got added on). We were certainly all warm! The day after I found that stairs were a challenge.

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