The Bod of Avon Opens

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Yesterday I told you how we set up the venue for a show. The audience is sitting on chairs or benches, or standing along the bar. There’s a narrow aisle between the seating area and the standing room so the performers can get from the dressing room at the back of the room to the stage and back again. Also, when the stage lights are off, it’s very dark.

Opening night, we’ve just concluded the opening number of Act II (a humorous foursome inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and I am gaily skipping back to the dressing room when — WHAM! something strikes me in the shins and I fall forward. Ginny, directly behind, nearly goes down on top of me.

Someone, desiring a better view, had moved their bench so the end of it was sticking way out into the aisle.

I have a charming bruise right below my right knee and another one slightly further down my shin. I collided so hard with the bench, it took several days for them to come to the surface. Since I am not that sort of girl, I will not regale you with pictures of my injuries. Instead, I will share some photos that were taken at our second preview at Oberon. Have fun figuring out which plays inspired the acts!

All photos by Hans Wendland.

AS561 - 06

King Evie in action!

AS561 - 18

Mina, Queen of the Fae

AS561 - 40

Stella sings of how she hates men

AS561 - 44

Betty and her pyramids

AS562 - 09

Devora causing toil & trouble for Mina and Ginny

AS562 - 29

Brigitte & Butch


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