Not the Original Plan

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No sooner had I written yesterday’s missive about our show, the client called to reschedule it due to the snow. Now I had an unexpectedly free Sunday. What to do?

Into the sewing room I went and this was the result. Pray forgive the terrible photos, my camera is just not very good and it’s so hard to shoot oneself in a mirror and look stunning doing it. To make up for it, you can see Albert, the Manor cat, snoozing on the day bed.

The bra and skirt are from an old circus-themed fan dance. I thought the outfit needed a little top hat. Usually I make hats from buckram & millinery wire, but I wanted something quick & dirty. This is made with a paper cup, some cardboard, and hot glue. Tutorial may be forthcoming.

If you saw The Wrathskellar this year, you might recognize this as the “Blue Angel” costume. That version has skirts made from silk veils. I wanted a panel skirt with less volume and had this great embroidered fabric. Sewing hand-rolled hems takes a long time, but it’s worth it.

I didn’t plan to work on *two* blue costumes; it just worked out that way.


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