Busy Saturday

Dear Constant Reader,

It certainly was a whirlwind of a Saturday night for me.

It started off with Green and Bare It, the last Naked Girls Reading salon. You can find out what we read by going to the Naked Girls Reading Boston blog.

After bidding my fellow Naked Girls adieu with promises to get together soon, Scratch, Vikki Likkerish, and I headed off toward the Mardi Gras Ball. It was still early, so we popped into the Green Street Grill for some fortification. They make fantastic mussels. I know there was fennel, probably white wine, I’m pretty sure I tasted lemon, and maybe a touch of cream. So good.

Upon reaching T.T. the Bear’s, Scratch & I were enthusiastically greeted by half a dozen young ladies outside smoking. They were so excited to see us and couldn’t wait for the performances. It was like being a rock star.

We caught up with the other Babydolls and friends and I was informed of the plan for the evening. You see, the stage at T.T.’s is small to start with, crammed with musicians, and, let’s face it, kind of nasty. It’s a bad idea to drop your costume pieces on the stage, so we always use catchers — someone who stands right up front to whom you can toss your stuff. So, the plan was, catch for whoever went before you and buy a shot for whoever went after. Got it.

We were all performing tonight. In the past it’s been one to three of us, but this was the 20th anniversary show and the audience was getting all 6. We used the acts we developed in The July Project, so the band learned 6 new songs, just for us, one of which required a singer.

Just because I know you’re curious, the dancers and songs (in order) were:
Devora, Blue Prelude
Brigitte, Tombstone Blues
Betty, One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (this was the one with the singer)
Evie, Black & Tan Fantasy
Mina, The Mooche
Stella, Moonglow

When I was getting ready to go on, the band was a little confused as to whether the next song was “The Mooche” or “Moonglow”. Scratch figured I could improvise to “Moonglow”, if it came to that, but then realized Stella, who had a strong storyline, would be screwed if she had to try to do her act to “The Mooche”. He made sure things got back on track.

Working with a live band is amazing! There’s so much more energy on stage and in the crowd. We were all very, very focused while dancing because we didn’t rehearse with the band and the song is never *exactly* like the CD. Sometimes they riff a little, change up the tempo a bit, or hold some notes a tad longer. It’s fun and keeps us on our toes.

I saw some cameras in the crowd, so maybe some photos will eventually emerge.


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