Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Today’s tip was inspired by a burlesque performer who confessed that she didn’t wash her costumes much and her undies were really disgusting.

Wear a Thong of Last Resort.

That’s what I call it anyway. I’ve also heard it called an Under-G. It’s a wee, nude-colored garment just in case something slips, peeks or falls off. It also keeps your costume clean. The audience shouldn’t be aware of it, but it will bring you peace of mind.

Let’s face it, your show panties are often heavily decorated and nigh unto unwashable, more akin to jewelry than underwear. Don’t let them touch your bare bits! Always have that barrier of the ToLR/under-g.

Did you know that cloth-eating insects like to munch on bodily secretions? Icky, but true. And they chew up your fabric in the process. Clean clothes last longer (as well as smell better).

What to do if you are wearing such a tiny, tiny g-string that you can’t conceal another layer under it? Removable linings. The g-string for my April March tribute act is made of velvet and therefore doesn’t wash well. I basted a red cotton lining to it, which I would unstitch and wash, dry, and sew back into place. I was performing the act so often that I got tired of that process and made a removable lining that snaps into place instead.

Tidily yours,


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