Expo: Costume Exhibit

Dear Constant Reader,

Every year at The Expo we have a Costume Exhibit, curated by BettySioux Tailor, who is assisted by Blitzen von Schtupp. This year we tried a couple of new things. Besides costumes belonging to our winners and guests, plus the ever popular Wall o’ Pasties, people were invited to submit costumes with a theme relating to luck, gambling, Vegas, &c.

On the left, Betty Blaize’s “Luck Be a Lady” costume. On the right, “The Jack” from Blitzen von Schtupp. Card fans by Ruby Solitaire. Styling by BettySioux Tailor.

Here we have the right hand side of the exhibit. Usherette costume by Scarlett Letter, The Shanghai Pearl’s “Bird of Paradise”, Wall O’ Pasties (and a few bras & g-strings), and BettySioux’s rhinestoned TV playing a slideshow of past costume exhibits.

And the left hand side. Jo Weldon’s “Nightmare”, made by Fleur de Lys, a classic costume by Burgundy Brixx, and Corinne Southern’s “The Temptation of Eve”.

Then we had a second exhibit, of costumes from The Wrathskellar. It was accompanied by a loop of all the video diaries we produced for the past year’s show, so visitors could get a feel for the characters.
In the center is The Innocent with her cheery pink dress and “Fame or Bust” suitcase. Looming around her are:

  • The Lost Girl: her iconic “Creepy Doll” costume by Lisa Polito
  • The Broad: “Our Lady of the Underground” by Meredith Magoun
  • The Martinet (hidden behind The Innocent): “Smiling Undertaker” also by Meredith Magoun
  • The Countess: “Cantara” by Betty Blaize
  • Bücher’s patchwork coat, lurking above everyone. Designed & distressed by Scratch and constructed by Kristen Augenfeld
  • The Diva, ignoring everyone and gazing in the mirror. Coat designed by Scratch and constructed by myself. Unfortunately the picture isn’t angled to you could see the front view of the costume in the mirror.
  • I’m so proud of this coat and there’s such a story behind it that I’ll probably make that a separate missive. After I’ve finished with the rest of the Expo report.


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