Expo: The Main Event

Dear Constant Reader,

It’s time to get back to my Expo recaps. There are only a couple more to go…

I will confess that I’ve been stalling on this one. How do you describe so much awesomeness?

If you, O Constant Reader, are unfamiliar with The Expo, allow me to explain that The Main Event is the big competition. It’s judged by last year’s winners (and myself) and the Legends and special guests get to bestow awards on their favorite performers.

It’s really hard to judge. And this year was incredibly hard. The level of talent was so high. So many wonderful performances. Creative, funny, beautiful.

And I had to miss the acts that were not in competition because the judges were off deliberating.

In the end, the winners were…

The Shanghai Pearl’s favorite: Vivienne La Flamme and Vanil La Frappe, for their rubber ducky bathtub duet that made her dreams come true.

Jo Weldon’s favorite: Gorejess, for dealing with a wardrobe malfunction with grace and charm (and an upraised middle finger)

Toni Eliing’s favorite: Donna Denise with a classic strip and extraordinary tassel twirling.

Judge’s Choice: Bobby Barnaby, for his etherial fan dance. Sometimes called “Judge’s Choice”, sometimes “Honorable Mention”, this award recognizes a noteworthy performer.

Best Hybrid: Peggy de Lune, for her hysterical sing & strip in the guise of a ditzy stewardess from Chicago. This award is for the best combination of burlesque and another art. In this case, singing. There were also acts under consideration that involved acrobatics, baton twirling, and singing with live accompaniment.

Most Humorous: Dangrrr Doll, for her adorable polar bear act. As last year’s winner, Paco Fish pointed out, one way to burlesque something is to take something serious and parody it and another is to take something ridiculous and be serious about it. She fell in the latter category in a big way. Personally, I was won over when she pulled a rhinestoned fish out of her underwear.

Most Classic: Donna Denise, for her above-mentioned classic strip and tassel twirling. Donna is one of those rare women with total pectoral muscle control. She can pop her breasts up and down and twirl tassels. Last year she was April March’s favorite and it was a delight to see her become a title holder this year.

Most Beautiful: Femme Brulee, for her rain cloud into sunshine act.

Best Solo: Gorejess, for just total bad-assery. I suppose I could sum it up by saying she was a housewife who turned into Rosie the Riveter, but it was so much more powerful than just that. And she handled the loss of a pastie completely in character.

Congratulations to all the winners and you’ll see them next year!


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