Expo: The Newcomers’ Showcase

Dear Constant Reader,

I love this event. I’m very happy that The Expo provides this opportunity for new performers and I’m thrilled to help host it. Everyone brings their A-game and there is an energy that is rarely found amongst seasoned pros.

This year was no exception for wonderful performers. We switched things up by having the variety performers interspersed amongst the burlesque instead of having the separate Sideshow Ball. I think it made things even more fun.

It’s always wonderful to see performers in The Newcomers’ Showcase one year who then appear in The Main Event (or The Last Chance Speakeasy this year) the next. (Ruby Solitaire, Amber Rane, and Delilah Spring all come to mind.)

I also want to single out Bella Russe, who made her debut in December at The Burlesque Marathon. She opened the show and it was lovely to see how she has grown and improved in such a short time.

My heart swells with pride when I see former B.A.B.E. students take the stage, like Dagny Vanderlust and Ginny Nightshade this year (both of whom will be at The Teaseday Club on May 14th). But I am most thrilled to introduce the “Burlesque Your Way” students.

This year we had 2 graduates who made it through the 6-week program to create their own routines and present them at The Expo! Bella Viva and Cheri Fluster knocked ’em dead. I know they were nervous, but they both did beautifully. I’m hoping to see more from them in the future.

This year I handed out blue “Super Star” ribbons to every Newcomer because they are all are!

And that’s the end of the reports from The Great Burlesque Exposition of 2013. I will now return to my regular schedule (ha!) of epistles.


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