My Weekend

Dear Constant Reader,

Preparations for the weekend actually started on Wednesday when we were contacted to perform at a birthday party on Saturday. The birthday girl loves the movie Burlesque, so we were asked to dance to songs from the movie.

Except none of us had ever created a routine to any of the songs. Scratch was sure it wouldn’t be a problem for us to each come up with a new solo — after all, we had 3 whole days! That night at rehearsal Betty, Stella, and I ran though what we had come up with and left feeling pretty good about it.

On the big night, we were a big surprise for the birthday girl. I started things off with a fan dance to “Welcome to Burlesque”. Stella followed with an adorable striptease with a boa to “But I Am a Good Girl”. Scratch magically produced a “birthday card” for the guest of honor. Betty closed out the show with a high-energy strip to “Show Me How You Burlesque”.

After posing for pictures, we were done. It was early still and it seemed a shame just to go home when we were all dressed up, so we headed off to Backbar for some fabulous cocktails and delicious snacks. As usual, everything was great, especially the fig & pig jam and, I’m told, the Cherry Union cocktail. Stella had it as writ, but Scratch asked for it with vodka instead of gin. No shock, I had a champagne cocktail — a kir royale to be specific. Just as we were about to head out, our favorite bartender, Alex, brought over a wee dram of the violet sour milk punch. Amazing stuff.

Sunday we had our yard sale. We’ve been doing this burlesque thing for quite a while and have accumulated a lot of stuff. More stuff than we have room to store. Hence the yard sale. We had a lot of good stuff that has been supplanted by better stuff and we hoped it would go to someone who could use it. And a lot of it did.

I was delighted that we were one-stop shopping for singer Alissa Coates. She’s all set for her next gig with evening gown, gloves, and wireless microphone set. A small theatre company took some of the best audio and lighting equipment, including 2 really nice LED par 64s (listen to me sounding like I know what I’m talking about) for a bargain. Scratch even threw in a couple of pinspots for lagniappe.

Brigitte would write up the sales ticket that the customer would bring to Scratch to pay. And while she was at it, she also gave them a card for The Teaseday Club *and* her business card to remind them to buy tickets in her name. She likes to win…

There were a few items that are left from the Yard Sale, just in case you were interested… like 2 blacklights, a 1-ton beam clamp (aerialists know what I’m talking about) new in the box, some halogen worklights, and 2 torso mannequins. Interested? Let me know and we can negotiate.

photoAnd here’s Captain Burlesque (aka Betty) wearing a few items including the infamous Spaaaace Apron.


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