Dress Me

Dear Constant Reader,

I have a problem. I buy patterns and then they sit in my filing cabinet (or worse, are strewn all over the floor as I pretend I’m about to use them). They’re so sad when they aren’t being turned into clothing. I want you to help me with this problem!

For the next week, I’m going to let you pick what dress I should make next. Just leave a comment below and the dress with the most votes wins! I’ll make that one and keep you updated on my progress from fabric to wearable, hopefully with lots of pictures. Make sure to specify which version of the pattern you like; most have at least 2 variations. Click the picture to go to the full description.

Win-win: I get a new dress *and* lots of content for upcoming posts. You get to peek into my sewing room and possibly hear me curse a lot. With any luck, I’ll schedule a shoot or something so you can see the winning outfit in all its glory — not a crummy cell phone shot in the mirror.

The candidates are :

Folkwear Fifties Fit & Flair

Folkwear Glamour Girl Dress

Butterick 4790

Butterick 4919

Butterick 5214

Butterick 5281

Butterick 5556

Butterick 5557

Butterick 5813

Butterick 5882

Butterick 6582

Craftsy Bombshell Dress (no picture because it’s a class, not a pattern)

So, you have until next Monday to leave a comment with your vote!


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  1. Tough choice, since they’re all beautiful designs that would look great on you. I’m voting for the V-neck version of the Folkwear 50s Fit and Flair. It’s a pattern I eyed many times until I finally conceded it was beyond my skills and patience (I admit it–I don’t much like sewing, though I feel like I should), so I’m curious to follow your adventure in making it.

  2. My vote is for Butterick 4919, style B. I think the classic, floor length gown would be fabulous on stage or in the audience and fit your style nicely.

    My second choice is for Butterick 4790, since it’s listed as “Very Easy” and you could potentially whip it out lickety split. I really like the white and black contrasting version.

  3. They all look they’d be lovely on you, but I agree with Teresa on the v-neck 50s Fit and Flair.

  4. Selfishly, I am picking the Craftsy bombshell dress, thinking that we as readers might get not only your experiences and commentary but also those of the other class members, as reported by you. Does that make sense?

  5. Butterick 5813 option b – as it is the only one not wasting away in my collection as well, and i would love to see how it turns out before i go buy it.

    or the class, as I had not encountered their site before.

  6. Butterick 4919. The red one.

  7. B5556! Red version with popped collar! All are fab, what a tough choice. Enjoy!

  8. I like the B6582, the black version (which I think is variant A).

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