A Good End to the Day

Dear Constant Reader,

Please vote for The Boston Babydolls as “Best Theatre Group” on The Boston A-List. We’re currently in 5th place!

I have a confession to make. I am not a night owl. Late nights are part and parcel of being a showgirl. Second confession: this contradiction sometimes makes me cranky. I was cranky last night.

Rehearsal had run long, then we need to pack and load out all the costumes and props for the DrinkOne benefit tonight. I also had to make a couple of trips up the stairs with big heavy bottles of water for the studio — it’s getting hot and the last thing I want is dehydrated B.A.B.E. students.

It was already well past my bedtime when we arrived back at Stately Babydoll Manor, but I still had to pack all my personal gear for the show, fix a plume on my fan, and perform my usual bedtime and night-before-show rituals. And tomorrow was going to be a long day which will include teaching chair dance and then rushing to the show.

Scratch called me to come to his office and look at something. I fear I was less than charitable in my response. I finished packing and went to see what was so important.


And my cranky mood completely evaporated.


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