The Teaseday Club 6/11

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club opened to the membership again on June 11th, a rainy evening. But spirits were not dampened, perhaps because of the fine spirits at the bar.

The host for the evening was supposed to be John J King (the warped mind behind From Denmark With Love), but something incredibly complicated happened involving high-stakes Pai Gow, gangsters, and a sea turtle, and at the last minute he couldn’t make it. Fortunately, Scratch was planning to be the stage manager and is something of an experienced MC. However, in the last-minute scramble, he forgot something…

(All photos from Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography)

Set 1

Brigitte Bisoux, as Queen of Teaseday Sales opened the show. In a preview of The Fine Art of Burlesque, she appeared as a painter frustrated by her still life of a bowl of fruit. Fortunately, she managed to find a composition that satisfied her artistic soul *and* got her hot & bothered.

Matt Donaher, a very funny guy provided us with a stand-up set. I could possible do his jokes justice in writing, so I shan’t try.





Emily Hecht was another last-minute addition when Zehara Nachash was unable to perform. Emily has a powerful, powerful voice and she sang “How Long Has This Been Going On?”.

Malik!, a comedic magician, baffled the audience with a series of rope tricks. He started with 3 ropes of different lengths. And then they became three ropes of the same length. I don’t even remember all what he did. One rope became an endless loop of rope, which somehow ended up with a knot in the middle. Very skillfully done.

Cheeky DeVine is a brand-new burlesque dancer. In fact, this was her first appearance! What a treat to see the debut of a virgin performer. And such a strong performance too! Dressed like an adorable drummer-girl, she performed to “Countdown“. She is currently in the chair dance class at B.A.B.E. and I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to the stage next.

Set 2

Stella Diamond performed her “Date Night” number to “Moonglow“. Although Stella looks the perfect good girl, her boyfriend’s jacket does some awfully naughty things to her.




Scratch, as I mentioned, hadn’t planned to be on stage. And so he hadn’t prepared anything for the bit when the host gets a turn on center stage. In this picture, the lovely Lucie Luxe, stage kitten (and B.A.B.E. instructor), presents Scratch with a mail-order magic trick, which had fortunately just arrived.


Cheeky DeVine returned shackled with a rope which she twisted around as she writhed to free herself, occasionally displaying the scarlet A on her shoulder. The music was “Bottom Of The River“.

Emily Hecht sang “How Come You Don’t Call Me?”, prompting Scratch to point out that she sold her soul to have such a beautiful voice, but fell under a curse. She can only sing songs with questions for titles.

Corinne Southern came all the way from Rhode Island to strut to a tango (I think it was an instrumental version of “El Tango de Roxanne”, but don’t quote me on that). She did a classic evening gown strip, including stockings, and ended teasing with peacock feather fans.

Set 3

Stella Diamond doesn’t just strip; she sings too! Tonight she regaled us with “Always True to You” from Kiss Me Kate, a very funny song about infidelity for profit.




Matt D. presented another comedy set, just as funny as the first.

Corinne Southern also sings (a lot for talented singers this night!), but she also strips while she does it. In classic Marilyn style, she stripped out of a pink dress while singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

Malik! asked a volunteer to hold a balloon and then another one for a dollar bill of any denomination. When he asked her to sign her name on her single, she commented that it was a federal crime. Turns out she’s a lawyer for the Federal Reserve! After using the dollar bill in a couple of tricks, it vanished completely, only to reappear inside the balloon. Next he asked for a volunteer for a card trick involving mentalism, which despite having to coax (nay, pry) responses out of the volunteer, was still amazing and funny.

Brigitte Bisoux performed one of her acts as The Broad from last year’s production of The Wrathskellar to “Alcohol“. Typecasting? Maybe.


And the question you’ve been waiting for… Who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

What a shock! Brigitte Bisoux!

The Teaseday Club will be open the second Tuesday of every month. That means the next one is July 9th. You’ll see me in the audience for that one!


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