The Teaseday Club 7/9

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The Teaseday Club met again on Tuesday, July 9th with hostess Sarah Blodgett and the All-Girl line-up! Once again it was a huge amount of fun. It’s a delight to share the stage with such a diverse group of talented performers.

All photos courtesy of Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography.

Set 1
Peril S. Curves started things off with a little Star Spangled Burlesque. I hate to spoil surprises, but the joke is too good. Peril’s pasties have pinwheels on them. She used to use an electric fan to make them twirl, but it was too complicated and prone to technical difficulties. So, she asked Sarah and our stage kitten to provide the breeze. As Sarah said, it wasn’t the first time someone asked her to blow them at a show. But it was the first time she said yes!

Sari Kalin presented a little Porch-i-oke. What’s that you ask? It’s a sing-a-long lead by Sari on her accordion. A couple of audience members volunteered for enthusiastic participation on stage, wearing large signs that designated their purpose, like “RING” for the one with the cowbell. And everyone sang “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” with the help of their handy lyric sheets.

Fonda Feeling brought some Game of Thrones-themed burlesque. I’m afraid I can’t comment more that that as I’m woefully ignorant on the topic (I know, I know, I’m probably the only person who isn’t reading the books or watching the show). Just enjoy the picture.

Baseema performed a bellydance with zills (that’s the Turkish name for finger cymbals. Consider the day lost in which you learn nothing.) We’re awfully glad she could join us when the previously scheduled bellydancer was injured. I was backstage getting ready, so I sadly didn’t get to see her dance.

Mina Murray (that would be me) presented Champagne on Ice. I thought it was appropriate for the hot weather we had been having. Although presented with a bottle of champagne, I’m much more interested in the ice! The picture shows me just having removed and tossed one stocking. Apparently I got some good range on it because I had to hunt around after the show to find it. It had landed *behind* the stage.

Set 2
Kitty Drexel opened the second set by singing “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me“. That was an audience favorite!

Fonda Feeling‘s real love is circus burlesque. As well as stripping, she also performed acts of balance and flexibility that were quite astonishing. It’s even more awe-inspiring when you know that (as she puts it) 3 years ago she couldn’t touch her toes. The music was Undisclosed Desires, which was pretty appropriate.

Sarah Blodgett, comedy’s Funny Honey, gave us a little taste of her stand-up act.

Vikki Likkerish presented her signature Muff ‘n’ Mix act in honor of her birthday, just days before.

Baseema stunned the crowd by dancing with two swords. I’ve seen a lot of bellydancers use a sword before, but Baseema’s dance just took my breath away. Her skill with manipulating those swords so powerfully and yet gracefully was simply incredible.

Set 3
Peril S. Curves opened the final set with a debut act! She came out looking just like Barbie. Do you know what Barbie looks like after you take her dress off? Yes, that’s exactly how Peril appeared! Then she removed that layer… I’m not going to spoil this one because it’s brand-new, but you have never seen Barbie look that way!

Kitty Drexel returned to sing “A Call From The Vatican“. She was clad only in a button-down shirt, so I’m not sure how attentive some of the audience was to her singing…

Vikki Likkerish also presented a new act. It was an etherial striptease with layers of pink chiffon to a version of “Addicted to Love”.

Sari Kalin brought back Porch-i-oke with “Love is the Drug”.

Mina Murray closed out the show with a fan dance to “Harlem Nocturne“. I know a lot of burlesquers roll their eyes about this song being a cliche, but I love it.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

Me! Brigitte will be so proud. If you bought a ticket in my name, expect to see a little thank you in your email soon.

The next meeting of The Teaseday Club will be Tuesday, August 13. See you there!


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