Show on the Road: Sunday, July 21

Dear Constant Reader,

Only 2 days left! It’s your last chance to vote for The Boston Babydolls for “Best Theatre Group” and B.A.B.E. for “Best Dance Classes“!

(Need to catch up? Read about Friday and Saturday.)

We had a great plan for Sunday morning: pick up donuts at the afore-mentioned donut shop, go be tourists for a bit, then hit the road. This failed when we discovered the donut shop was closed. A little more research showed that the entire chain was out of business. Oh well. On to being tourists.

One of Johnstown's claims to fame is the Inclined Plane*. We weren’t going to miss that, especially one we found out we could take the car up and drive down. Here’s a bunch of pictures that don’t come close to doing it justice:
Scratch took some video, which maybe he’ll post somewhere.

Having asked a friendly local to recommend a good place for breakfast, we went to Our Sons’ where we sampled the local cuisine, i.e scrapple**. After deciding against getting a gob (kind of like a whoopie pie) for the road, we piled back into the faithful Babydoll-mobile for the long drive back to Boston.

It was delightfully uneventful. Scratch mocked my music choices. Betty coded. Brigitte drove for the last leg***.

We got to rehearsal at around 8 where D.D. and Stella were waiting on the loading dock to help unpack. At that time on the last trip, we were still in Pennsylvania, convinced we’d never get home.

This was the last performance of The Fine Art of Burlesque for me, but it’s not done yet. You can see Betty, Devora, Stella, and Scratch on August 16th in Portsmouth, NH and August 17th in Denmark, ME with Special Guest Diamond DeVille. Hopefully one of the other Babydolls will chronicle the trip for me.

But next up we’re headed for The Ohio Burlesque Festival to headline on August 2nd, and teach on July 3rd. And we’ll be stopping at Posh in Scranton to perform on August 1st!


* The other being the *three* catastrophic floods that ravaged the city in 1889, 1936, and 1977. Hence, the name “Flood City”.
** And chocolate chip pancakes.
*** Don’t look at the speedometer when Brigitte is driving. Trust me.

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