Getting Ready

Dear Constant Reader,

On Thursday we hop in the trusty Babydollmobile and head West to the Ohio Burlesque Festival. We’re presenting a practically new number. It has the same concept and music as one we did in V for Vixen, but the costumes, choreography, and number of dancers is totally different.

We’ve got a black & white theme for the costumes. Betty & Stella have dresses that are black with white polka dots while Devora and mine are white with black polka dots. Our belts are of the contrasting fabric.

So the plans was that we’d have similarly contrasting bras. One cup would be covered with white fabric and the other side with black. And which cups would depend on who was wearing them. And then the black side would get a white strap and the band would be white and vice versa for the other side

We decided on white bras because we could turn white fabric black more easily that the reverse (with a Sharpie, if necessary. I share our glamourous costuming secrets!) We’re lucky enough to have an odd-lots store nearby where we can get bras inexpensively. Unfortunately Stella is a size that’s hard-to-find and we couldn’t find a bra in that same style the rest of us were using and the one that was picked out for her was unflattering and fit poorly.

On the drive to Johnstown I covered bras for me and D.D. while Betty did her own. Friday Scratch bought a number of bras for Stella to try — all of them black. I realized 3 white bras and 1 black bra would make us crazy, so we ran out and bought a black bra for Betty.

Saturday, I covered the new bra for Betty and on Sunday, Stella picked the glass slipper of a bra and Betty covered it right at rehearsal. Then we all attached trim to the bras. Well, Devora is sewing Stella’s.

The bras still need some rhinestones, but they’re looking pretty good. We were able to do the black/white contrasting straps (yay for removable bra straps!), but we’ve (temporarily?) punted the contrasting bands. We haven’t been able to come up with a way to do it that would be both quick and easy and probably be able to be done in a car.

If I’d been clever, I would have taken pictures, but you can wait for the results from Cleveland, right?


P.S. We’ll be appearing at the opening of the Carrie Nation Cocktail Club tonight!

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