Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

Dear Constant Reader,

Last night The Boston Babydolls appeared at the opening of the Carrie Nation Cocktail Club on Beacon Hill. Originally we were going to perform and they particularly wanted a fan dance. Then they decided the stripping might be a bit much for the clientele, so we would do a shorter all-variety show (and I’d do a clothed fan dance). In the end we were just asked to walk around in costume and provide atmosphere.

I’ll be honest — I often dread walk-arounds, because we’re usually expected to be ice breakers. But really, no one at a function wants to make small talk with some stranger, no matter how glitteringly dressed she is, especially when there’s an open bar and free food.

But this was fine, we stood around the Speakeasy Room, looking like fantasy saloon girls (except for Scratch, of course, and Betty who decided to wear an evening gown), welcoming people. The Speakeasy Room is all dark wood, dim lights, and comfortable seating. And a couple of really nice pool tables. We began a game in which I had a really nice start (sank a ball right off!), but never got back to it. Anyway, it was the first time the room was open so there were a lot of admiring guests.

The main room had the buffet (constantly mobbed!) and a swinging band. I was in the dressing “room”* taking a short break, when Scratch said “The bandleader says they can play ‘Minnie the Moocher'”. I changed into my dancing shoes (it’s always worth it to bring them) and headed out.

I did a modified version of my act. Obviously, no stripping, and a fair amount of vamping since they sang, I think, 2 of the four verses. I remember thinking “Hey, that’s the King of Sweden! I guess we’re not going to kick the gong around…” (it makes perfect sense if you know the song). Then Betty danced to “Dark Eyes”. Then Stella sang “Paper Moon”. It was a lot of fun and pretty good for being totally spontaneous performances.

(Photo courtesy of Carrie Nation)

And once you get Betty dancing, there’s no stopping her. The two of us danced to “In the Mood” (this was just for fun; we weren’t “on stage” anymore) and I was beat at the end, but she just kept going. And plenty of other people joined her on the dance floor.

One of the torturous things was the food. It looked *so* good, but we were working. All around us people had plates of truffle mac & cheese and oysters on the half shell. The adorable flapper waitresses made sure we could grab the occasional passed hors d’oeuvre. That crab cake was amazing; the two of us had a moment. I’m told the cocktails were very good as well. No shock.

Upshot of the evening — everyone seemed pleased. We’re hoping to actually perform there sometime. And we’re definitely coming back for drinks and/or dinner.


*All right, the dressing room. Our contract always specifies that we get a clean, private, well-lit dressing room. When we arrived, we were directed to a landing in a back stairwell that was powdered with construction dust. Oh the glamourous life! Apparently when Scratch had been there a week ago, when the Speakeasy was still under construction, it had been swept and there was a clothing rack and table. How things change in such a short time. The staff did scramble to make it better — a table with linen, some chairs, bottled water, and a sign on the door that said “Dressing Room Do Not Enter”. We still got staff poking their heads in while we were changing. So, clean, private, or room, not so much. It was, however, well-lit. Not the worst place we’ve ever dressed. And it wasn’t like we were doing a show with multiple fast changes.

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