The Teaseday Club 9/10/13

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club met again on Tuesday, September 10th with hostess Sarah Blodgett. 6 months of teasing!

Scratch was at The Boston Theatre Expo, but we were in good hands with Maddy the Stage Manager, Hunter, Kendra, and Jon in the booth, Stella as Stage Kitten (and what an outfit!), and yours truly in the box office. That means I didn’t get to watch much of the show in the theatre. Fortunately, there is a monitor in the lobby, so I did see some of it. But my usual descriptions of the acts are going to be extremely sketchy.

Frankie Merlot of the Wortown Bombshells was taking photos and I’ll share them with you when/if I can.

Set 1
Vikki Likkerish opened with her signature Painted Lady act to “Black Velvet”.

Samara, a bellydancer, performed to “Sail”.

Beau Blush performed a balloon pop act to “Jump in the Line”.

Rory Raven is a mentalist. He had two people pick a book from a stack of several and pick a random word from each. And then he proceeded to read their minds and discover the words.

Set 2
Emily Hecht sang something fabulous. (I don’t know which song; I was in the box office)

Beau Blush did a fan dance to “Fever”.

Sarah Blodgett, Comedy’s Funny Honey, gave us a little taste of her stand-up act.

Brigitte Bisoux did a sultry striptease to “Caramel”.

Samara danced to a remix of “Feeling Good”.

Set 3
Rory Raven did a little reverse mind reading. During intermission he had picked a card and flipped it so it would stand out in the pack. Then he had an audience member come up and read his mind to determine what the card was. She eventually nervously selected one. He riffled through the deck to find the one card with its back showing and it was the very card she had chosen!

Vikki Likkerish performed her etherial striptease to a dreamy version of “Addicted to Love”.

Emily Hecht returned to sing “Mercy On Me”. She has got a great set of pipes!

Brigitte Bisoux finished things off with an energetic striptease while tap dancing to “In the Mood”. She can twirl tassels while she taps…

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie? No shock, it was Brigitte!

I hope you’ll join us again on October 8th!


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  1. I had a great time at my first Teasday Club.

    My only quibble is that during Brigitte’s first number, when I was out in the lobby, watching on the monitor, she stepped far downstage,so only her head and shoulders were visible onscreen. I found this to be damned inconsiderate!

    Other than that, a splendid night!

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