Halloween Burlesque Bash at The Lansdowne Pub

Dear Constant Reader,

Tuesday night we performed at The Lansdowne Pub as part of their Halloween festivities. I am so glad the Sox were off that night. It was still kind of zoo-y around Fenway as everyone was getting ready to Game Six.

The Pub folks were great to us. We had the whole back room as our dressing room. It could have used a little more light, but there was plenty of room, an attentive waitress, tasty snacks, and a fireplace.
Yes, an actual fireplace, keeping us toasty warm. A warm dressing room is a relative rarity, unfortunately, and this was just delightful.

And the bar had a special menu of drinks just for the evening. I think they created “The Pasties” just for me: champagne, elderflower, fresh lemon juice, grenadine, and cherry garnish. Of course, I was too busy to enjoy one.

(Performance photos from Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography. Crummy cell phone photos by Scratch and me.)

First up was Devora with a charming dance in which she seeks the perfect man. But what is she doing with that shovel? The fellow rolled up in the rug, by the way, is named Frank.

Then Stella sang “Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me”. It was supposed to be just a variety number (no stripping), but she convinced Scratch to let her wear her adorable Innocent dress from The Wrathskellar 2011 (bright pink, eyelet lace trim, satin sash). And then it only made sense for her to remove it. And as long as she was showing her bra, she might as well go down to pasties. The audience didn’t seem to mind.

I closed out the set with my tribute to the alleged axe-murderess of Fall River, Lizzie Borden. I was a little nervous because it involves water, and a wet, slippery stage is no fun for anyone. Scratch had provided a large plastic tablecloth and it seemed to work just fine.

Since I am The Martha Stewart of Burlesque, I packed a plastic bag in which to stow my wet underthings. However, there was this wonderful fireplace! And here are my danties drying out.

After a short break, we were back. I opened the set with my fan dace to “Jezebel”. Well, I was supposed to. iTunes chose that moment to have a hissy fit and refuse to play. Eventually Scratch & Dan the DJ beat the computer into submission and I could begin.

Then Scratch did a little trick involving a 6-inch-long metal spike, hidden under one of three cups. A successful conclusion involves 2 smashed cups and no injury. An unsuccessful one… Well, let’s just say that spike is really sharp. I can never watch when he does this one.

Stella, Devora, and I closed out the show with an adorable (if I do say so myself) dance with witch’s brooms. (Stella & I look a little hazy in the photo because we’re wearing veils over our faces).

We had a great time! If this has just whetted your appetite for burlesque, come on down to The Teaseday Club tonight. The Boston Babydolls will join Samantha Farrell and her band for a little something special.


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