The Teaseday Club 11/5/13

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club has moved to the *first* Tuesday of every month. Mr. Scratch once again hosted the show, Brigitte Bisoux was stage kitten and yours truly was in the box office.


(All photos from Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography)

Set 1
Matt Donaher opened the show with a little stand-up. He’s a very funny guy and I’m glad he returned to the Teaseday Club stage.
Corinne Southern brought us a classic balloon pop act to the classic song “Bumps and Grinds”. And some lucky guy in the front row got to pop a few of her balloons!
Sally the Altar Boy presented a beautiful glow-poi spinning act. It was one of those cases where the audience sat in an appreciative silence at the loveliness. He later told me it had been created for Zehara Nachash’s show Animus where he took the role of fireflies.

I was particularly excited to see this act. Lucie Luxe is an instructor at B.A.B.E. and this was her burlesque debut! She had a lot of friends in the audience and they were loudly approving for her first strip on stage.

Set 2
Sally the Altar Boy, in honor of the day (it was Election Day), campaigned and spun poi to Elected. Bigitte and Stella wiggled, held up signs, and passed out American flags. The audience cheered and waved their little flags. I’m a big Alice Cooper fan, so it was extra fun for me.

Lucie Luxe returned with a chair dance. I recognized most of those moves from the chair dance course at B.A.B.E. and I was delighted to see how she put them all together.

Scratch performed a scientific experiment involving heat and a deck of cards. The audience was supposed to be able to make the chosen card rise to the top of deck through the thermal powers of thought alone. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work. However, I can’t tell you what the pay-off for the act was as someone arrived very late and wanted to buy a ticket.

Corinne Southern, dressed as Eve and adorned with a snake, tempted the audience in all sorts of ways before succumbing to the apple. Corinne has some mighty slinky floor moves.

Matt Donaher returned for another stand-up set.

Set 3
Samantha Farrell, last month’s winner of The Great Teaseday Cookie, performed the entire last set with her band and a little burlesque from The Boston Babydolls.

She opened with an original song “Trouble You Need”, which she wrote in tribute to Benjamin Franklin. It’s much sexier than that sounds. Stella Diamond certainly thought so.

Then she sang “Sugar in My Bowl” and “Shake”, another original song, written because her mother complained that she had no songs you could “shake your ass to”. This one you certainly can. All the Babydolls back stage were doing just that.

Lastly she sang “Temptation” while Betty as Gambling Addiction, Devora as Intoxication, and myself as Inappropriate Lust tempted the audience. Samantha even joined us for a few dance steps!

We had so much fun!

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

Lucie Luxe! You’ll see her again next month on December 3rd.


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