BurlyCon: Shopping

Dear Constant Reader,

And here is the last of my BurlyCon reports, all about the shopping!

This was my haul:

Going roughly clockwise:

  • A vintage beaded purse from Lux Mystica Beadworks. This wasn’t actually her work, but something she found at an estate sale.
  • A hair flower from Amber Ray because I can’t pass her beautiful table without getting *something*. Besides, my original pansy ornament has vanished. : (
  • A Diva set from Beauty Butler. I can’t wait to organize my makeup!
  • A corsage from Cristal Blu Creations, being a gift from Scratch. It has a wrist loop under the flowers, but also a heavy duty bobby pin, so I could have worn it on my décolletage. It’ll be appearing as a fascinator in the future.
  • The latest issue of Zelda from The Burlesque Boutique, just because.
  • Tea from the Jacqueline Hyde Emporium. I love Bad Things (a peach oolong) and I was down to my last teabag at home. When I expressed my disappointment to Miss China Doll, who was minding the store, that there was no Bad Things for sale, she promised to tell Jacqueline to bring some over. And she did. I also picked up some Valentease. Chocolate tea? I just had to try it.
  • Pasty magnets from Rowdy Baubles. There’s an unattractive filing cabinet in the B.A.B.E. studio and I’m beautifying it by covering it with magnets and these were perfect.
  • And last, my spree at Atomic Cosmetics. I’m grateful Dr. Jen does mail order, so I can get my skin care fix, but it does make things difficult when it comes to selecting cosmetic colors. Finally able to try them in person, I ended up with a Lana lipstick and L’amour lip liner.

    And she had so many products not yet available on line, like Sugar Kisses, a lip exfoliator, and Working Girl, a hand sanitizer. The several pots of red glitter were gifts for the Babydolls. I wear Summer Lovin’ (sun screen) all the time and I love its subtle shimmer on my body, but this was made without the glitter so I could wear it as my everyday SPF on my face. Scratch liked the scent of Leather Daddy (who doesn’t), so I got him some skin care.

    Most exciting was the custom foundation. I jumped on the chance and took the first appointment possible. Dr. Jen tested a different foundation on each of my hands to check my undertone, but it was really a formality. She was pretty confident as to which color was right for me. Once applied to my jawline, it was virtually invisible. In fact, I ended up with foundation on half my face, but you couldn’t really tell where the line was at all. Then the most fun was watching her mix up the magic ingredients and fill the container. Now all I need to do to get more is give her my number and I’ll get the same perfect shade.

    This I didn’t buy, but it’s too cool to ignore. Lili von Schtupp gave me my very own Hollywood Burlesque Festival bag. I feel like such a cutting edge rockstar, because only a handful of people currently have one. You should totally go to the festival; it sounds really amazing and a bunch of fabulous people are working really hard to make it so. I wish I could be there, but we’re preparing for Brrrlesque the following weekend.

    And that wraps up BurlyCon 2013. It doesn’t look like I’ll be at BurlyCon 2014 (it’s scheduled for October and you know that I’m usually very busy in October), but I’ll be back when I can!


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