The Boston Babydolls at UConn

Dear Constant Reader,

The Boston Babydolls were invited by the frightening sounding SUBOG* to perform at the University of Connecticut yesterday. I was excited because we’ve never managed to have a show in Connecticut, my home state, although we have performed in all the other New England states.

We knew this show was going to be a challenge from the beginning:
1. Betty and Stella would still be away for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, Brigitte, Devora, Scratch, and I were available. And Corinne Southern was able to be our Special Guest.

2. We had to keep our bras on. That required some re-choreographing of every striptease.

3. The theatre had hardly any lighting, so we had to bring down our own, plus a tech crew.

We dealt will all those issues. No problem. Then about a week and a half before the show, the school asked if we were doing anything dangerous, like pyrotechnics, knife throwing, or tap dancing. Tap dancing? Umm, like Brigitte’s tap piece to “Nut Rocker”? Not something she could just do as a soft shoe, so she rechoreographed the whole thing as quickly as possible.

Then we got a request for a private show. It happens a lot at the holidays. But this party was on the very same night at the college show. Scratch summoned the Legion of Substitute Babydolls and arranged what I’m sure was a fine show from Dagny Vanderlust, Ginny Nightshade, and BettySioux Tailor.

We arrived on campus. There were thousands of people eager to cheer and holler. But not for us. Did you know that UConn has a basketball team? Yeah, The Huskies. They’re kinda popular. And they had a game exactly during our show. So, our audience was the tiny percentage of students who would rather see boobs (albeit in bras) than basketballs.

Still, it was a fine show. We each did two holiday-themed acts, one strip and one variety, plus two group numbers. Scratch did some magic, of course. And we all did some classic (that means corny) burlesque comedy bits. The audience, small but mighty, appeared to be having a great time.

Two of the gals in the audience explained that the no-tap-dancing was their fault. No one would take credit for the no-pasties rule.

If you’d like to see what the show looks like with 5 dancers, pasties, and tap dancing, we’ll be presenting it at Laugh, the comedy club at the Westin Waterfront on Friday, December 13th and the House of Mood in Rhode Island on Saturday, December 21st.

Just before we got on the road I learned that an article I wrote will be published in volume II of “Berlesker: Handcrafted Literary Journal”. I’m so excited!

*Student Union Board of Governors

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