The Teaseday Club 12/3/13

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club opened for members on December 3rd. Sadly, there were only about half the number of guests as in previous months. The late Thanksgiving really messed with everyone’s schedule, but those who were there got a real treat! Once again I was in the box office, so my reporting is a little spotty.

Scratch hosted the show. Our stage kitten was Naughtia the Elf. Photos were taken by Aaron Macks.

Set 1
Lucie Luxe, reigning Cookie Queen, reprised her chair dance to “Toxic”.

Rory Raven brought up an audience member and showed her his long Christmas wish list. She was asked to choose where he should cut it and then read off the item at the top of the new shorter list. Another audience member was summoned to whom Rory had given a sealed envelope before the show started. She opened the envelope and read off the very same item from the list. Amazing!

Vikki Likkerish performed an act I haven’t seen in a long time. She danced out to “Almost Like Being in Love” wearing pajamas & slippers and carrying a toaster (what the heck?). After stripping to a more showgirlish outfit (including heels!), she gleefully climbed into a bathtub and dropped in the toaster. And shimmied and shook as she was “electrocuted”.

James Earl Bones appeared at The Teaseday Club for the first time. He performed in the second year of “The Boston Babydolls’ Out for Blood” and boy, has his act become even more polished and impressive. I couldn’t do it justice. Let’s just say it involved comedy, stripping, feats of flexibility (he passed his body through unstrung rackets of increasingly smaller sizes) and balance, and tasticle* twirling.

Set 2
Peril S. Curves opened up the second set in one of her elaborate costumes. I only caught a glimpse because someone wanted a ticket.

Scratch did a little bit of the impossible by making a bottle of booze vanish. Not the contents — the whole bottle.

Lucie Luxe performed a humorous striptease to the old classic “The Stripper”.

Alissa Coates sang “How High The Moon”.

Vikki Likkerish performed her crowd-pleasing Muff ‘N Mix.

Set 3
Rory Raven returned and I think did something miraculous with a deck of cards. Once again, someone had the impeccable timing to need a ticket right at the start of a set.

James Earl Bones astounded and appalled the audience with some contortion. This was not pretty, I-can’t-believe-she-can-sit-on-her-own-head, Cirque de Soleil contortion. This was freakish, painful-looking contortion that made you wince. And hearing him calmly announce, in his Australian accent, that is was going to dislocate his shoulders now, made it even worse. Yet, no one could look away.

Alissa Coates, seasonally appropriate, sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Peril S. Curves closed out the show to her gloriously showy Fan(ny) Dance. I think this was the first time a merkin** graced the stage at The Teaseday Club. Well, graced a performer on the stage. It stayed where it was supposed to.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

For the first time in the history of The Teaseday Club we had a tie! The cookie was shared by Lucie Luxe and Peril S. Curves! You’ll see them both on January 7th.

*It’s a thing. Just ask Jonny Porkpie. And yes, the tassel was exactly where you think it was.
**Think g-string without the string. Now stop thinking about how it stays in place.

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