Gift Suggestions

Dear Constant Reader,

In a previous missive I recommended you buy gifts from various artists in the burlesque community. I didn’t give you any suggestions because there are so many talented people out there and I couldn’t possible include them all. I just know I’d forget someone fabulous and feel terrible. I encourage you to go treasure hunting!

Today I’m going to recommend some of my favorite other gifts sources. These are all little artists and businesses that make good stuff. It’s not particularly burlesque-y, but I like to support my friends.

I know a whole bunch of fabulous people who are authors and you should get their books. There’s a listing of individual titles here, but in brief they are:

  • Marrus (anecdotes, art, and advice)
  • Andrew Kirschbaum (fantasy detective novels)
  • Jennifer Pelland (disturbing SF)
  • Rory Raven (esoteric and spooky history)
  • Teresa Noelle Roberts (paranormal erotica, i.e. supernatural smut)
  • Andrew Shaffer (biographical sketches)

As well as having written a book, Marrus makes art for the smart. Check out her work at Marrus Art. I’m pleased to say a (very atypical) Marrus original graces Stately Babydoll Manor.

Star Cat Books is a brand new indie bookstore in Vermont. They’re in the last couple of days of an IndiGoGo campaign to help with their initial start-up costs and they’ve got some very cool rewards, including signed books from Neil Gaiman (our Twitterhusband) and Jane Yolen for top-level donors.

There’s also Rickert & Beagle Books in Pittburgh. Chris (that would be the Rickert half) is a big Boston Babydolls fan and part of the reason we played Pittsburgh over the summer. The Beagle half is the author of The Last Unicorn. Yes, really.

My talented friend Rae has a line of handmade cameos that she calls Kreepsakes. These are not your grandmother’s cameos… Some of them even glow in the dark.

The Boston Babydolls are dancers, and despite the cutsie saying that “dancers glow”, we sweat. A lot. So we’re grateful for Urban Kitchen whose workshop is just down the hall from B.A.B.E. She makes a whole variety of scented soaps, candles, lotions, and other lovely stuff that help us and the studio get sweet-smelling after rehearsal.

The designer behind Vixens Ahoy has made costumes for The Boston Babydolls for years (including the fantastic polka-dotted dresses we wore at The Ohio Burlesque Festival). I can attest that her aprons and other items are of excellent quality and sturdily made.

The Scarlett Rose made my beautiful feather fans (one pair captured here at The Teaseday Club by Rich Jarvis Photography), but she also creates fancy hats.

Chandler & Kemp makes decorated pillar candles. Nice for these long, dark nights.

And to wrap everything up, Giftable Boston, founded by Dagny Vanderlust, provides concierge gift wrapping services.

Who are some of your favorite indie artisans?


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