Dear Constant Reader,

Friday night we took our winter show, Brrrrlesque to Laugh Boston, a brand new comedy club in the Westin Waterfront hotel. It’s a pretty sweet venue — cushy green room with direct access to the stage (you’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen) and super helpful staff.

The only drawback is the stage itself. Like I mentioned, the venue is a comedy club, so the stage is perfect for stand up. Not so much for dancing en pointe, walking on chairs, or 5 dancers flourishing silk veils. And the lighting is kind of dim, despite the spotlight we brought in. But we managed.

I promise you a look behind the curtain of my glamourous burlesque life and here’s a peek. I had a couple of bad moments on stage. The key is not to let the audience know that something is amiss. Or as best as one can.

Our opening number is “Factory Elves” (it’s “Factory Girls” from Madame Burlesque with some Christmas touches) and I walk down a series of chairs. Twice. Normally I’m pretty confident, but that night the chairs were wobbling all over the place. The second time through I do a little butt bump as I step each chair. I knew that was a bad idea, so instead, I grabbed the back of each chair and stuck my butt up in the air. Brigitte said it looked like a sexy crawl and not like a panicked attempt to keep my balance.

My next appearance was with a hula hoop. I was very aware of the size of the stage and I was using my LED hoop which is the smallest in my collection. Still, I would occasionally hit the curtains behind me and I was very aware of the lighting bar just overhead. And the audience was at tables quite close to the stage. Although when the mishap finally occurred, it wasn’t because the size of the stage screwed me up. I just missed a catch, but before I could grab the hoop again, it went right off the stage and into the audience. Thankfully it was returned to me and I went on with the routine, not even having missed too much of the next verse.

The rest of the show went more smoothly for me. Thank goodness. I think “Sugar Rum Cherry” was a high point of the 2nd act.

Back to the good stuff. We had a special surprise guest in the audience. After the show, Evie Sphinx revealed herself to the Babydolls. She’s been out of state doing school stuff so there was much squealing & hugging.

The very next day Brigitte and I were supposed to open the showing of Bettie Page Reveals All at the Coolidge Corner Theatre at midnight. Because of low ticket sales due to the snow storm, the theatre canceled the movie, so we didn’t get to present “Mistress & Maid” (which was inspired by Bettie Page and Tempest Storm). I was already beautifully made up when we got the call and it seemed a shame not to put that face to good use. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll show you what I did.


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