Dear Constant Reader,

Yesterday was one of our favorite holidays: Babydollmas! It’s so hard for us to get together during the holidays, so we celebrate in early January. It was within the 12 days of Christmas, so we’re good.

We had rehearsal first. We’re working really hard on our group number for the Vermont Burlesque Festival. It’s so much fun!

Then it was time for Super Sunday Social. For those just joining in, it’s our tradition to relax after rehearsal on Sunday with some wine and nibbles, which we call Sunday Social. This being declared Super Sunday Social, the offerings were a little more extravagant: Betty brought 2 kinds of pate (duck foie gras and chicken liver with truffles), Scratch made a pitcher of our new favorite beverage (cinnamon hard cider with a shot of Fireball), I baked a King Cake (and I got the “baby”), and more.

Then came the gift giving. Stella gave everyone locally-made dark chocolate bars — I snagged one of the darkest ones. Brigitte got us all gift cards to our usual haunt down the street. Devora made beautiful magnets, painted and embellished with rhinestones, different for everyone. I made everyone zippered bags, just the right size for packing a thong and fishnets, maybe some pastie tape too. Or a tie, pocket square, and cufflinks if you’re Scratch. Or spare cable ties if you’re Hunter.

Scratch gave Stella the same polka-dot purse the rest of us got just before she joined the troupe, so we can all be perfectly matchy-matchy. Then he gave all of us rhinestone bracelets and fabulous rhinestone name necklaces, with personalized details (mine has crowns, D.D.’s has smiley faces, &c.).

Betty was the big winner in the giving department. She made us all matching bolero jackets in our favorite red and black! Scratch got a matching vest, but because Hunter wears almost exclusively black, his vest is in his signature color, but trimmed the same as the rest of us.

We are totally going to have all of this finery at the Vermont Burlesque Festival!

Here’s a quick shot of the entire haul.

Scratch gave me an amazing holiday gift, but I think it gets its own missive…


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