Love Actually (not actually)

Dear Constant Reader,

The Boston Babydolls usually do 4 big productions a year, a month-long show in February, The Expo on Easter weekend, our summer tour (June-August), and The Wrathskellar for the month of October. Due to circumstances beyond The Expo’s control, it had to be moved to the weekend before Valentine’s Day. No big February show for us, but we couldn’t just ignore Valentine’s Day. After all, it was a whole week after The Expo. And wouldn’t it be fun to have live vocals for all the songs?

And it was fun! We had two shows last night, which were *packed*, and all the acts were romantic. Sort of.

Before I get into the details, I wanted to give you one of those backstage peeks. When we do a show on a weeknight, Scratch arranges for a staff meal for the cast & crew. Many people are hustling in from their day jobs and we’d rather not have cranky hungry dancers or people running out to grab food when they should be preparing for the show. Sometimes we get a local restaurant to sponsor the show by providing the catering, sometimes Scratch cooks, but usually he just buys it, preferably from some place that does party-size orders. Last night’s dinner came from Amsterdam Falafel and it was just the right thing: tasty, not heavy, lots of veggies. And very generous portions. There’s a ton of left-overs at Babydoll Manor.

On to the show!

Act I

Betty Blaize, Devora Darling, Mina Murray: “Jilted”, sung by Alissa Coates and Stella Diamond
The song was written by The Puppini Sisters for their 3 voices, but we did just fine in two-part harmony. Betty, Devora, and I were jilted women who realize it’s much more fun flirting with one another than moping about men.

Brigitte Bisoux: “Black Coffee”/”Sugar in my Bowl”, sung by Alissa Coates
It’s the morning after and Brigitte is savoring her coffee before she gets dressed. Then she realizes she’d rather be in bed with him and undresses again. During the first show, the audio mysteriously cut out half-way through “Sugar in My Bowl”, so Alissa continued singing unaccompanied, which involved winging it during the instrumental section, until the end. The joys of live theatre, folks!

Stella Diamond: “Moonglow”
We call this one “Date Night” and it’s one of Stella’s favorites. You can see her get molested by a jacket again at The Mardi Gras Ball on March 1st.

Devora Darling: “Embraceable You”
A lovely romantic dance en pointe with long-stem roses.

Mina Murray: “Too Darn Hot”, sung by Stella Diamond
A fan dance. How could I not have one? The fans are brand-new, made by me, and I was very excited to use them for the first time. I wasn’t thrilled with how the dance had turned out. It was kind of boring and that was bugging me. Friday morning I decided to throw in a little striptease and was much happier with the results.

Betty Blaize: “All of Me”
As Betty removed her clothes, she tied the object of her affection, Stella, to a chair with them. And then abandoned her on stage.

Act II

Brigitte Bisoux, Devora Darling: “Old Folks” and “Makin’ Whoopie”, sung by Scratch
This is a brand-new duet, with Devora as an adorable housewife and Brigitte as her hubby. We were all a little surprised to discover the additional verses to “Makin’ Whoopie”.

Betty Blaize: “Someone to Watch Over Me”, sung by Alissa Coates
One of Betty’s signature numbers with her swirling white silk cape.

Brigitte Bisoux: “Let’s Misbehave”
Brigitte, as a saucy flapper, tap dances her heart out.

Devora Darling: “The Man I Love”, sung by Alissa Coates
Devora seems so sweet and innocent, but occasionally she gets obsessive…

Mina Murray: “In a Sentimental Mood”, sung by Alissa Coates and “Big Town”
This is the act I call “Champagne on Ice”, with “In a Sentimental Mood” replacing “The Exciting Life” (because of what backing tracks were available). I changed the ending a bit and I think it was well received. At least, during the second show, I heard someone say “She’s not going to…” right before the climax.

Stella Diamond, Brgitte Bisoux, Betty Blaize: “How High the Moon”, sung by Alissa Coates
This is a fun three-person fan dance with lots of mischief and one-up-manship.

And now we get a little chance to relax before our next scheduled show, The Mardi Grad Ball on March 1st. It’ll be a fabulous time!

Next up, all about The Expo. I know you just can’t wait.


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