Expo 2014: The Main Event

Dear Constant Reader,

This is the reason so many people come to The Expo, the competition. not only dancers, but audience too. In fact, the show completely sold out. As a judge, I get the big perk of sitting right up front, but the incredibly hard job of picking winners. I have to give credit to my fellow judges, Gore Jess, Scandal from Bohemia, Donna Denise, and Femme Brulee, for making the judging easy and non-contentious.

Scratch really wanted a big production number to open the show and Willy Barrett created something fabulous. The dancers came from all over the country, learned the choreography via video (some local gals came to a couple of rehearsals Brigitte ran at B.A.B.E.), and had one rehearsal all together the day of the show. It was amazing and you can see it here.

The competition was fierce this year and I’d like to recognize some acts I really liked* that didn’t receive awards or honors:

  • Kelly LiMone: She opened the show beautifully with a classic strip
  • Tiny D: I was completely blown away by her tribute to Gina Bon Bon
  • Olatsa Assassin: Strong and beautiful as a frost giant.
  • Madeline Sinclair: Her fan dance was totally dreamy. And I love that version of “Sleepwalk”.
  • Deliliah: her act wasn’t in competition and I usually don’t get to see that set because we judges are off deliberating. See above note about fast and non-contentious. I was able to see all of this gorgeous fan dance, albeit from the wings.

    (Unless otherwise noted, photos are by John Bilotti)

    The Honorees this year were:

    April March’s choice: Sailor St. Claire

    Angie Pontani’s choice: Francine “The Lucid Dream”

    Perle Noir’s choice and the Judges’ choice: Üla Überbusen

    And the Howard Award winners:

    Best Hybrid: Scarlet Starlet

    Most Classic: Blaze, The Red Rose of Texas

    Most Humorous: Red Velvet

    Most Beautiful: Whisper de Corvo
    (Photographer unknown)

    Best Solo: Nina La Voix

    And here are the winners (with a little ad for next year’s Expo):
    (Photographer unknown)

    And then we all went to the pool party!


    *I had to restrain myself or I was going to start listing everybody

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