Mardi Tease 3/4/14

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club opened for members on March 4th. As it turns out, that was Mardi Gras (for real) so there was an extra big show. There were beads for all the guest and plenty of drinking.

Scratch hosted the show. Our stage kittens were Elyse and Vanity. After 2 months off, I was back in the box office. All photos are by Peter Gordon.

Set 1
Dagny Vanderlust, reigning Cookie Queen, performed a ballet-inspired striptease to one of her favorite songs, “Canvas Wonderland”. Despite the ballet trappings, it was still creepy. If the music sounded familiar, it’s because you’ve seen her unwrapping bondage tape from around herself to that very tune.

Matt Kona did a stand-up set (I was still in the box office at this point).

Lucie Luxe, former Cookie Queen and all-time sales champ, presented a brand-new striptease, in which she had to decide between waiting for Prince Charming and going on a life of adventure. If you know Lucie, you’ll know which one she chose. The music was, appropriately, “Royals”, a rendered by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Emily Hect brought a little Big Easy to our Mardi Gras celebrations by singing “Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?”. I was back in the box office, but I could hear her, no problem. She’s got one powerful voice.

Brigitte Bisoux, holding the title of Cookie Queen most frequently, showed us the morning after. She lovely removed her night attire with the help of some “Black Coffee” (the song, as well as the beverage). After slowly getting dressed after her night of debauchery, she realized she just wanted a little more and undressed again to “Sugar in My Bowl”.

Set 2
Nonye Brown-West started things off with a stand-up set.

Lucie Luxe presented another new act. I was looking forward to this one because she had announced that was going to show off a big trick — I was dying to know what it was. She used “Here Comes the Sun” and I think we all could sympathize with her desire for better weather after this winter. And the big trick? One-sided tassel twirling!!

Scratch just wanted to make a drink, but his vermouth bottle and glass kept switching places. Then the bottle magically just kept multiplying. All to the tune of, of course, “It’s Martini Time”.

Vikki Likkerish, wearing little more than a string of balloons around her hips, danced to “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”, a favorite of mine.

Matt Kona closed things out with more comedy.

Set 3
Vikki Likkerish did a number I’d never seen before, stripping out of a stunning multi-layer costume in Mardi Gras colors to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as done by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. Brigitte will be using this amazing song in her Beyond Basic Burlesque class in April (and students have to opportunity to perform to it at the June Teaseday Club)! Please forgive the brief commercial plug.

Emily Hecht sang “Mercy On Me”. That woman has such an amazing set of pipes. I think half the audience was scared and the other half fell in love.

Dagny Vanderlust presented a brand-new act. She had workshopped it for The Boston Babydolls the previous week and I was looking forward to seeing it in its finished format. No pictures of this one because she was wrapped in a black cloak and then you got to see everything and I don’t like to post pastie pix (go to the show for that).

Nonye Brown-West did her second comedy set.

Brigitte Bisoux finished off the night with a look toward Spring. And here in Boston, that means one thing — Opening Day. Brigitte was the cutest member of the Red Sox as she stripped off her uniform to, what else, “Sweet Caroline”. It was freakin’ adorable and contained a little dance in-joke for Betty Blaize.

And who won The Great Teaseday Cookie?

No surprise, Brigitte Bisoux. You’ll see her again on April 1st, along with Ginny Nightshade, Victoria Van Layer, Zia, and Mike Lemme. Get your tickets now while they’re still only $10!


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