Recent Busyness

Dear Constant Reader,

We’ve had a couple of shows in the last couple of days. If all had gone according to plan it would have been 3 shows in 4 days. A quick recap:

Saturday we performed for folks at a retirement community. Yes, they contacted us. The management requested the Boston version of our acts, which we did. But we knew the audience wouldn’t have been shocked. Some of them admitted to seeing burlesque at the Old Howard. At least one had seen Sally Rand. Lily, our stage kitten, was amazing. You would be so lucky to have her work your show.

Last night was “Burlesque through the Back Door” at the back room of The Burren. It’s right next door to our usual haunt at the Davis Square Theatre. We had a lot of fun and the audience seemed to as well. There were several photographers there, so I’ll share when the pictures come in. Two B.A.B.E. students, Elyse and Olivia, made their debuts as back-up dancers!

Just as we were starting to pack up, Scratch got an apologetic call from The Davis Square Theatre about The Teaseday Club. Seems they had double-booked the space. So, the Teaseday Club is postponed 1 week. Do not go to The Teaseday Club tonight! Come next Tuesday, the 8th. I’ll be at my usual perch in the box office.


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