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Dear Constant Reader,

While I was preparing for Costume-Con, I kept blathering to everyone about my documentation and then was euphoric when I won an award for it. So what is this documentation?

Basically, you need to tell the judges in writing all the important stuff about your costume. What time and place it’s from, what’s your source, what materials did you use, how did you do things differently from the inspiration and why, what’s particularly neat about it. Stuff like that, but everything has to be presented concisely. I think we were only allowed 5 pages of actual text, but unlimited pictures and captions. I took shameless advantage of the captions.

Sometimes people get creative with how the documentation is presented and since this was a big competition for me, I decided to go all out.

This is the first thing the judges saw:

Cavalcade of Burlesque was the industry magazine for a few years in the ’50’s. I scanned my favorite cover from my collection, picked a photo from the shoot I did with Vintage Girl Studios, and Scratch did his Photoshop magic.

I was pretty pleased with how the whole thing came out and apparently, so were the judges! I’m idly considering making the whole thing available somewhere.

And as long as we’re talking about sewing…
Current stats for the Dress Me contest:
1933 Evening Gown: 4
Butterick 4790: 1
Butterick 4919: 1
Butterick 6582 View A: 1
Butterick 5556 View A: 1/2
Butterick 5556 View B: 1/2

If you picked the Leading Lady Gown, please vote again. If you haven’t made your opinion known yet, you have until Monday!


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  1. 4790 – interesting construction – should be a breeze for a Master Costumer

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