Review: Wild Things

Dear Constant Reader,

How about a new book review?

Wild Things: Burlesque Beauties And The Pets They Love by Tony Marsico (2013).

This book of photographs appeared in the library at Stately Babydoll Manor because Scratch backed the author’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s a paperback collection of photos of burlesque dancers, in costume or pin-up attire, with a whole variety of pets. There are the expected cats & dogs, but also arachnids, reptiles, birds, fish, and animals you’d be more likely to find in the barnyard than the boudoir. I believe most of the models are from the L.A area (although I recognized a Seattle gal).

Each photograph is labeled with the name of the performer (the graphic looks like one of those old Dymo label tapes) and captioned with a brief quote about her pet. The photographer played with the color saturation and format of each photo, so some look vintage, others slightly surreal. The backgrounds are as varied as the pets — indoors, outdoor, in the model’s home (usually with lovely vintage accouterments), on cars, at recognizable L.A. landmarks. The paper is matte, rather than the usual gloss, which I think works with the way the photos are presented.

If Mr. Marsico ever wants to travel to the East Coast, I know a burlesque producer with a very handsome white cat…


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