Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

This has been a crazy busy week for me: Sunday we performed at the “Pasties for Parkinson’s” benefit, Monday Brigitte & I rehearsed for The Teaseday Club, then of course, The Teaseday Club itself, Wednesday was usual Babydoll rehearsal. Tonight I believe you can find me in the hot tub.

But I wouldn’t forget your Friday Tip!

Don’t get too attached your eye makeup.

Eye makeup, particularly liquidy stuff like mascara and eyeliner, make a great environment for nasty crud to grow. Replace it every three to six months (more often the more frequently you use it). Powdered eyeshadow will last much longer, but creams need to be replaced as above. Regularly sharpening your pencils will help keep the nasties off. Toss it all immediately if you get an eye infection.

Never share eye makeup. Clean your brushes often. Disinfect your makeup. Wash your hands a lot. This is where I plug Dr. Jen’s makeup disinfectant, brush cleaner, and hand sanitizer. Again I swear I’m not a spokesperson for her, just a satisfied customer.

I’m sadly a veteran of an epic eye infection (nothing to do with bad makeup, just bad luck) and it’s left me paranoid. If I even suspect anything is amiss, I disinfect what I can, toss what I can’t, chuck my contacts and lens case, and if I must wear makeup, use only disposable brushes (from makeup to eye, then discard) until I get the all-clear.

Here’s wishing you healthy and beautifully made-up eyes!



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