Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

I’ve been a bad blogger recently. I feel like I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing that’s been keeping me away from my correspondence. You deserve better, my faithful reader, and I’ll try to get back to my writing desk more frequently. But at least I still manage to send out your tips every Friday!

Today’s tip is about performances at parties.

Performers are not party guests.

Performers: When you’re hired to perform at a party, you’re there to do your show, not to join in the party. It may look like fun, but only mingle with the guests if it’s specified in your contract. Making a personal appearance is work, just like being on stage. Also, avoid the refreshments unless invited to indulge by your employer. Even then, it’s better to have the food & stuff in your dressing area rather than out with the guests. Be friendly & polite, but head out when you’ve fulfilled your obligations (and after you’ve gotten paid). You want to be remembered as professional.

Hosts: When you hire performers for your party, they are there to do a show, not join in the party. They’re not going to mingle with your guests unless that’s been prearranged as part of the gig. Being “on” off-stage is work too. It’s nice to offer the performers some food & drinks, but have it in their dressing area. Always have a private dressing area available. Being told “you can change in the bathroom” will make any performer’s heart sink. Lastly, pay them promptly. It’s never fun to play “hostess hunt” to get the money so the performers can go home.

Just a few simple courtesies and everyone will have good time!


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